INDL-7 Call for Papers

We are more than excited to inaugurate the next INDL-7 conference. After INDL-6 in Berlin successfully brought together different disciplines and scholars and fostered discussion around digital labor, we shifted for the first time outside the European-North America regions. INDL-7 is taking place in Santiago de Chile, from 28-30 October.

The conference is co-hosted by Núcleo Milenio Evolución del Trabajo (MNEW), Universidad Diego Portales, Programa de Estudios Psicosociales del Trabajo (PEPET), Facultad de Psicología, Universidad Diego Portales, Centro de Organizaciones y Relaciones Laborales (COR), Universidad
Alberto Hurtado, Núcleo Milenio Futures of Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR), Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión Social (COES), Instituto de Gobierno y Asuntos Públicos, Universidad Austral (IGAP UACh).

The call for papers for INDL-7 titled Digital Labor and Power Dynamics: Present and Future of Work Scenarios has been announced and you may find it by clicking below. The submission process will demand the creation of an account on the submission platform.