The International Network on Digital Labor (INDL) proudly launched its INDL-MEA chapter with a highly successful inaugural workshop held in Cairo, Egypt, on May 28, 2024. This landmark event, hosted by the American University in Cairo’s new campus, marked a significant milestone in the region’s exploration of digital labor dynamics.

This project was inspired by Dr. Myriam Raymond (University of Angers, France) and sperheaded by Dr. Sarrah Kassem (University of Tübingen, Germany), in collaboration with DiPLab, the International Labour Organization, A2K4D center, Université Française d’Egypte, and MENA AI Observatory, the workshop brought together experts and speakers from across the Middle East and Africa (Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Lebanon…).

The event featured keynote addresses by Prof. Nagla Rizk from the American University in Cairo and Dr. Mohammad Amir Anwar from the University of Edinburgh. Prof. Rizk delivered an insightful presentation titled “AI, Work and Inclusion in the Middle East and Africa,” while Dr. Anwar provided a thought-provoking perspective on “African Work Futures in the Digital Age.”

The conference program included a full day of discussions, with parallel sessions covering topics such as industry disruptions and platform work, complemented by a poster session. The event concluded with a policy roundtable featuring a remote intervention by Dr. Uma Rani, senior economist at the ILO research department in Geneva, on promoting inclusion and decent work in digital labor, and wrap-up remarks—including a powerful first-person account by Mahdy Ahmed, interpreter and platform worker.